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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. Since privacy is important to us, we do not use any cookies that are not required for the operation of our website. Some providers that we have integrated use cookies though. They use them to provide a better user experience, analyze how users interact and to personalize content and ads. Please note that by disabling certain cookies, you may limit your ability to use certain features of our website.

Cookies we use

We use cookies to provide a better experience on our website and to understand how visitors interact with our content. Here are the cookies we use:

Payments (required)

We use stripe as our payment gateway which allows websites to process online payments securely and easily. When a user makes a payment on your website using Stripe, their payment information (such as their credit card details) needs to be stored temporarily while the payment is being processed. Please review the settings to configure your stripe cookies.

To enable this, Stripe uses cookies to store information about the user's session, such as their session ID and the status of their payment. These cookies are necessary for the payment process to work properly, and they are stored on the user's browser until the payment process is complete.

In addition to payment-related cookies, Stripe may also use other cookies on your website to improve performance, analyze how users interact with the website, and provide relevant advertising. However, these additional cookies are optional and you can choose to disable them if you prefer. Stripe's use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policy, which you should review if you have any specific concerns.

Authentication (required)

We use Supabase Auth to authenticate users on our application. Supabase Auth is a library which allows users to authenticate using various third party services, such as google, which makes it easy to sign up and start using our application.