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QR Code AI Art Generator


Use these parameters to guide and customize your AI QR Code Art. Each parameter offers a unique way to influence the AI's Artistic process.

The website/content your QR Code will point to.

The main idea or theme to shape your QR Code Art.

to create a prompt for you.

Things you don't want to see in your QR Code Art.

How much influence the Design and Avoidance Instructions should have on the QR code. Low values tend to look more like artworks while high values tend to be more 3D like.

How much of your Design Instruction will change the original QR Code Art. Ranges from not at all (0) to completely (1).

This adjusts the fine details of your QR Code Art. High values: The generated QR code will be more readable. Low values: The generated QR code will be more creative.

This is a sort of 'starting point' for the QR Code Art generation process. Different seeds will create different outputs.


Your AI QR Code Art, created based on your input parameters, will be displayed here.

QR Code AI Art Generator